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For A Better Future

About Us


The AYEN Organization mission is to actively promote and support the voices, ideas and actions of youth in the shaping of the energy future of the African continent. This is achieved by providing a platform for youth to come together and explore innovative solutions, build capacity, and foster collaboration and social responsibility. Through this, AYEN seeks to empower the youth of Africa and ultimately create a sustainable energy future.


The African Youth Energy Network (AYEN) is a confident and innovative organization that is dedicated to empowering African youth to become energy entrepreneurs. AYEN’s mission is to create an enabling environment for young people in Africa to become drivers of sustainable energy solutions, and to help them access the resources and networks needed to launch and grow successful energy businesses.


Mentorship Programs

Pairing young individuals with experienced professionals in the energy industry to provide guidance, support, and advice.

Networking Events

Organizing gatherings where young professionals can connect with industry experts, potential employers, and like-minded peers to build relationships and expand their network.

Educational Workshops

Hosting workshops on various topics related to the energy sector, such as renewable energy technologies, energy policy, sustainability practices, and career development.

Job Placement Assistance

Assisting young individuals in finding employment opportunities within the energy industry through job postings, resume reviews, interview preparation, and career fairs.

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Areas Of Interest

Targeting all African countries, AYEN looks to provide access to resources, training, and support for African youth to become active members of the energy industry. Through educational programs, grants, and internships, AYEN empowers African youth to dream big and take on the challenges of the energy sector. Additionally, AYEN provides a platform for African youth to share their energy stories and engage in meaningful dialogue with energy stakeholders. AYEN’s mission is to enable African youth to be at the forefront of energy innovation, development, and sustainability.

Meet Our Team

Lydia Jonathan Kapangila

Lydia Jonathan Kapangila

Founder / CEO
Andrew Chisembele

Andrew Chisembele

Executive Director

For A Better Future

The African Youth Energy Network (AYEN) was founded by a vibrant team ofAfrican youths looking to make a differences in the lives of their peers on thecontinent.