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For A Better Future

The African Youth Energy Network (AYEN) is aconfident and innovative organization that isdedicated to empowering African youth to becomeenergy entrepreneurs. AYEN’s mission is to create anenabling environment for young people in Africa tobecome drivers of sustainable energy solutions, and tohelp them access the resources and networks neededto launch and grow successful energy businesses.

Targeting all African countries, AYEN looks to provideaccess to resources, training, and support for Africanyouth to become active members of the energyindustry. Through educational programs, grants, andinternships, AYEN empowers African youth to dreambig and take on the challenges of the energy sector.Additionally, AYEN provides a platform for Africanyouth to share their energy stories and engage inmeaningful dialogue with energy stakeholders. AYEN’smission is to enable African youth to be at theforefront of energy innovation, development, and sustainability.

Core Values

Our core values are:  innovation and collaboration, inclusion and diversity, and sustainability. AYEN confidently believes in harnessing the power of youth to drive a collective pursuit of sustainable energy for all Africans. They work to provide support and resources to young people who are passionate about creating and developing energy solutions that are accessible, equitable, and sustainable. Together, AYEN and its members are committed to transforming the energy sector in Africa.


We aware of one’s strengths and weaknesses, and taking responsibility for one’s actions. It also means being open tolearning from others, treating all with respect, and fostering an environment of mutual understanding and collaboration.Ultimately, embracing humility allows usto be more successful, both in our personal and professional lives. 

Team Work

Our team emphasizes the importance of collaboration, understanding and open-mindedness when working towards acommon goal. We strive to foster anenvironment of positivity, a sense of belonging and an overall feeling of unity.Through this, the team works to ensure that each team member’s contribution is valued and respected.


We are firmly rooted in African culture and tradition. We emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions,and treating all persons with respect and fairness, regardless of race, gender,religion, or any other factor. AYEN seeks to ensure positive and lasting development at the community level.


We emphasize the importance of standing out, taking risks, and embracing change. This is rooted in the idea that true success comes from being bold, pushing boundaries, and not being afraid to try something new. We believe in
the importance of taking risks and having the courage to be bold in order to achieve success.



The AYEN Organization mission is to actively promote and support the voices, ideas and actions of youth in the shaping of the energy future of the African continent. This is achieved by providing a platform for youth to come together and explore innovative solutions, build capacity, and foster collaboration and social responsibility. Through this, AYEN seeks to empower the youth of Africa and ultimately create a sustainable energy future.



We seek to empower Youths and place them at the centre of the energy transition. Through creative initiatives and innovative projects, the organization aims to provide an opportunity for young people to actively participate in the shift towards a more sustainable energy system. With its focus on youth engagement, AYEN is committed to enabling a future where young people are supported, informed and empowered to become energy leaders and innovators.