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For A Better Future

Mentorship Programs

We seek to empower Youths and placethem at the centre of the energytransition. Through creative initiatives andinnovative projects, the organization aimsto provide an opportunity for youngpeople to actively participate in the shifttowards a more sustainable energysystem. With its focus on youthengagement, AYEN is committed toenabling a future where young people aresupported, informed and empowered tobecome energy leaders and innovators.

Networking Events

Organizing gatherings where young professionals can connect with industry experts, potential employers, and like-minded peers to build relationships and expand their network.

Job Placement Assistance

Assisting young individuals in finding employment opportunities within the energy industry through job postings, resume reviews, interview preparation, and career fairs.

Educational Workshops

Hosting workshops on various topics related to the energy sector, such as renewable energy technologies, energy policy, sustainability practices, and career development.

Professional Development Opportunities

Offering training sessions, webinars, conferences, and resources to help young individuals enhance their skills, knowledge, and competencies in the energy field.

Industry Insights

Providing valuable information about trends, challenges, and opportunities within the energy sector to help young professionals stay informed and make informed decisions.


Consultancy Services

Consulting for Big Green energy projects in Africa as well as investment structuring and fundraising.